Little Shop of Horrors – J.L.Ilsley High Residency (2015)

As part of the residency in Spryfield, I worked with students and staff to design and build the puppets and set for the school musical.

I started researching in December of 2015 to see how others had accomplished the intensive puppet construction. I had many great chats with physics teacher Max Turton where I learned new approached to materials. We discussed strength and durability and manoeuvrability thoroughly before moving forward with a design. In the end it was a combination of packing tape, ABS pipe and some steam-bent ash provided by Little Foot Yurts.

The school had not done a musical in a few years, and there were many challenges to overcome in putting on such a huge production. Many thanks to all the people who chipped in and grabbed a paint brush or screw gun or mop for the big show! way to go everybody~

IMG_1209 IMG_1290 IMG_1334