Halifax Theatre For Young People – Nine Compositions (2017)

Nine local playwrights have created nine new pieces of theatre inspired by nine unique art pieces in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Marrying two worlds – visual art and theatre – these fresh works provide a unique opportunity for art lovers of all ages to simultaneously immerse themselves in both genres.

Showcasing a diversity of voices, the playwrights were chosen with a focus on inclusion from the African Nova Scotian, Indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities. Playwrights Catherine Banks, Laura Burke, Richie Wilcox, Tara Reddick, Jacob Sampson, Meghan Hubley, Lindsay Wilson, Catherine Martin, and Ashlan McCulloch have woven stories of cats, skateboards, climate change, friendship, Maud Lewis, and more into the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia experience.

Poignant, delightful, fun and thought-provoking, Nine Compositions is an immersive theatre experience  taking place in gallery spaces throughout the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Audiences can create their own experiences with art and theatre by selecting the performances and gallery spaces they will visit.

Directed by Mary-Colin Chisholm, Laura VIngoe-Cram and HTYP Artistic Director, Tessa Mendel with a cast of fourteen!  Halifax Theatre for Young People and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia are thrilled to partner on such a unique experience that bridges the gap between visual art and theatre.